Test Sites

faa-logoThe New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport is one of the original six awarded UAS test sites by the FAA.  Key teammates include SRC Gryphon Sensors, SRC, Lockheed Martin, SAAB Sensis, AX Enterprize, Harris and Video Bank.  The Griffiss Test Site, located in Rome, NY, is developing an instrumented test range to provide state-of-the-art operations and data fusion capabilities for the advancement and experimentation of technologies for the safe integration of UAS into the National Airspace (NAS).

The test site will also develop a multi-sensor Ground Based Detect and Avoid (GBDAA) capability, to allow for proving safety cases in collaboration with the FAA and customer-use cases to demonstrate the integration of UAS into the NAS utilizing DAA technologies.  SRC Gryphon Sensors currently has its SkylightTM System of Systems deployed at the Griffiss Test Site, providing surveillance data of the cooperatives and non-cooperatives in the airspace.  Gryphon SkylightTM data can be fused with other sensor technology deployed at the test site and displayed within the Operations Center at the Griffiss Test Site.

The Griffiss Test Site is the beginning of the U-SAFE corridor that will be built out in early 2017.  This fully instrumented corridor between the Griffiss Test Site in Rome, NY, and Syracuse, NY, will assist in providing Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations and testing capabilities over a variety of terrain and industry use cases such as power line inspection, agriculture and airport security.